04/23/12 – 07/13/10

Skateboarding Photographs

by tim johnson

pat franklin - wallie
pat franklin
tim johnson
Kyle Jakubowicz - front board
Kyle Jakubowicz
front board
Tim Johnson
Paul Stacey - Bs Flip
Paul Stacey
Bs Flip
Tim Johnson
Zack Goulet - Ollie
Zack Goulet
Tim Johnson
G Smith - mini bump to 5-0
G Smith
mini bump to 5-0
Tim Johnson
Dgaf Tom - Frontside Ollie
Dgaf Tom
Frontside Ollie
Tim Johnson
Jake cook - fs 180
Jake cook
fs 180
Tim johnson
Jake Cook - 5050
Jake Cook
Tim johnson
G - crooked grind
crooked grind
tim johnson
paul stacey - ollie
paul stacey
tim johnson
scott gall - bump to frontside wallride
scott gall
bump to frontside...
tim johnson
andy patterson - frontside nose slide
andy patterson
frontside nose sl...
tim johnson
brad westcott - fs feeble
brad westcott
fs feeble
tim johnson
brad westcott - smith
brad westcott
tim johnson
brad westcott - nosegrind pop
brad westcott
nosegrind pop
tim johnson

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Nick Panza - SS fs feeble
Nick Panza
SS fs feeble
Bradford Bishop
Andy Sisomboune - Nosegrind
Andy Sisomboune
Chris Poquette